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Velvet Blazer Hit Fashion Trend for Fashion Lovers

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Velvet is hottest stuff widely consume to design fashionable women accessories such as dresses, shoes, blazers, top and other women related ideas. Velvet blazer or jacket is insanely cool addition in latest fashion trend. Velvet is luxe fabric always inn in fashion but this time it bring back in quite different style. Bold and daring hues insist to must make them a part of closet. Velvet blazer is chic compliment for fall and winter styling. Plush velvet is really a perfect fabric allow you to get effortless charm.

Let’s see it how make possible at all.

Velvet blazer street look:


While you choose velvet dresses, blazer or event velvet shoes it become complementary to provide stylish and graceful look in unusual way. It shinny glance and feather feeling tend you feel comfortable and relaxed. In fall or rainy condition it gives enjoyable style. Follow2016 velvet fashion trends and rule over the hearts.  Both ladies step together on the street wears velvet blazer and heels to steal hearts. Navy blue blazer layered over denim short and white tee. Plum ankle up velvet booties are bigger compliment. On the other hand burgundy blazer, strappy heel sandals contrasted with black top and high waisted jeans.

Work-out velvet blazer outfit:


Maroon is romantic color work best in street stylish especially when you selected denim jeans. Velvet is opulent choice for both rain and shine styling. Here a professional lady confidently dress-up velvet blazer along walk-out outfit includes skinny blue jeans,  loose fitted t-shirt,  black leather tote bag,  bow embellished pointed toes pump  and pashmina scarf. It dreamy fall street outfit while its rain outside.

Killer velvet blazer street look:


Embroidered blue loose fitted blazer is versatile and iconic fashion trend for fashion conscious ladies. Never compromise over style. It’s grace you personality and also groom up physical appearance. Always choose an outfit which perfect suited with your physique.  Frayed denim jeans, dress shirt and blue blazer are fabulous mesh-up for street styling.

Emerald green velvet blazer:


There are endless ways of wearing velvet blazer. Its fashionable street allows her to get rustic-chic charm. emerald green velvet blazer , black fedora hat, knit top, loafer kicks ad cross body handbags make lovely outfit.  It permits cool and elegant style and also conveys comfort during full day activities.

Red velvet blazer:


Fashion and fashionary girls are both staple for each other.  She perfectly dress up according to latest fashion trends but her show oh no! That not good choice but these kicks are suitable in rainy situation.  White tank top tacked in black pant from one side is highlight in burgundy blazer. It cozy outfit to rock on the street.

Splendid green velvet blazer:


Velvet is hottest fashion trend going at peak of the fashion at this time. 2016 considered the year of velvet as most designer add velvet in their runway collections. It dreamy fall street look. Striped or line textured green velvet crafted blazer and ankle-up boots are chic accessories of this insanely gorgeous street outfit.

Fall velvet outfit:


Enhance a cute girlish look, just like a school girl, by wearing  maroon leather mini skirt, grey knitted  top, velvet blazer, suede lace-up booties and  velvet backpack. It’s lovely outfit of the day. Burgundy and black velvety compliment add visible glam.
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