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Rock Stud Crocodile Leather Valentino Tote Bag

Written by Aini

Hay my dear today here we are going to share valentine tote bag with you. Cool and fresh look color in bag make best summer contras with your dressing. Luxury leather, lace and crochet material utilize in these bags. All working women and college girls can easily pick up the valentine bag. Browse our collection!

Crocodile Leather Tote Bag:


Absolutely right luxury crocodile leather crafted bag make best selection for everyday use. Red color tote bag is design with a bit of that have injected with braid or knotted handle. Braided handle tote bag will leave the impression or feeling at every corner of the street.

Valentino Lace Land Tote Bag:


Valentine lace land tote bag brings cute inspiration in this summer. Top holder of tote bag is decorated with soft fabric. Off-white and gray color selection in tote bag gives interesting look. College girl like to pick up the above one image define lace bag.

Gold Button Embellished Tote Bag:


Suede leather tote bag you can enjoy with your red color dressing. Top thin leather handle make easy carry. Gold button make great border styling on red tote bag. Open style fresh red color tote bag give sexy charm look. Wide space you can get with tote bag that design by valentine.

Rock Stud Double Handle Tote Bag:


Rock stud bag first introduce by valentine. Tote bag is decorated with pyramid studs that give classy look. With Smooth bottom of camel leather bag you can easily drop down on the floor or table. The camel leather tote bag offers you to wear with any color dressing.

Big and Bulky Tote Bag:


Working lady can enjoy the black color leather bag. Black color tore bag bring interesting contras with black jeans dressing. Silver stud embellished top holder with long belt give unique and creative look. It depend on your either your are wearing the bag in your hand or shoulder.

Camel Leather Fringe Tote Bag:


Fringe highlighting the camel leather bag is design for this summer. Tote bag with top holder makes best space to enjoy personal storage. With your white lace dressing you can carry the camel leather bag. Light weight creative style fringe cut will give soft feelings with elegant look beauty.

Leather Shopper Tote Bag:


Long style black color leather tote bag is draw amazing attention. Rock stud material utilize in decoration of tote bag. Silver buckle are injected under the drop down strip. Top holder of bag gives soft and cute touch to your shoulder when you wear. Valentino signature on bag makes easy selection of valentine bag.

Crochet Tote Bag:


Crochet tote bag by valentine is another great addition. Silk sewed bow styling on face of tote bag give fancy look. Round style top holder makes over to enjoy in hand. Crochet tote bag in light color vibrant help you to carry with every color dressing.

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