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“Standing on Stardust” Elie Saab Spring 2017 RTW Fashion Show Looks

Written by Aini

Elie Saab spring 20127 RTW fashion show is one of the great creation of the Elie Saab collections. “Standing on stardust” is the title of their spring 2017 fashion. Star spangled disco themed spring collection can grab the attention on their fashion show.  On their runway glitter dust or stardust are showcased and get alluring glam on their collection. On their collection colorful or lack graphic star prints mini dresses with cape style.

Black star embroidered sheer and tulle flared mini or floor touching costumes. Silver stars on the collar of a blouse for short dresses. Mini pleated sequined stars designing on their tuxedo jackets and shorts. Minimalist white stars are also fascinated on black jumpsuit. On their collection 1780’s vibe  hard to miss.  As a whole stardust collection can get inspirational glam on their whole collection.

Silky rainbow stars RTW dress styling look:

In this image you can see Elie Saab Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection dress. Colorful rainbow star designing silk mini center belated dress with matching silk blazer and neck warped muffler styling. Their outstanding Elie Saab design costume can showcased in fashion show with their matching apparel styling such as sandal or pendent set.

Glittery stripped outfit styling ideas:

Here is glittery stripped Elie Saab spring 2017 RTW collection costumes bring alluring hue on their wearing styling. Multi styling glittery stripped dressing bring versatile hue on their looks. Gold glittery skinny tights can pair with leather black jacket and give enchanting hue on their look. Blue glittery stripped deep neckline design center belted edge ruffle pleated dress can pried with matching platform sandal. Gold glittery stripped bling maxi dress with matching blazer appeals their styling.

Black and gold glittery stars RTW collection attires:

Gold black glittery star featured short costumes bring versatility on ramp walking.  Elie Saab designing elegant dress can give enchanting hue on their modern look.  Black with gold glittery blazer with short costume brings eye-pleasing hue on their modern look. Center black belt fascinated wrapped edge dress can pair with matching blazer or high heeled star ankle sandal design. Black star edge with gold belt fascinated star top glittery costume can also paired with matching glittery blazer.

Black 3d star designing spring 2017 collection costumes:

Here black star featured tulle top styling Elie Saab costume can allure their multi styling outfits.  Silk Ruffle pleated sleeves with ruffle edge center belted star featured dress bring versatility with matching black ankle sandal. Black leather skirt with tulle 3d star featured full sleeves shirt make impressive their look with matching apparel styling.  full 3d star featured   shirt tulle costume bring amazing hue with center belted styling.

Elie Saab colorful stars featured costumes:

Here is colorful star designing black tulle long and short dress can showcased on Elie Saab spring 2107 RTW fashion show and grab the attention on their collection. Colorful star themed black tulle dresses are deigning with multi styling ad allure their wearing looks.  Deep V neck caftan style center belted short dress and collar tie up style floor touching costumes styling can get prominent hue on this fashion show.

Black glittery stripped fringe costume:

Stunning black glittery fringe dangling style short dresses can amused Elie Saab styling. Glittery stripped fringe dangling short dresses are designed with center black buckle belted and allure their stunning styling. Elie Saab spring 2017 RTW collection dresses bring eye-pleasing hue on their modern look. Their high heeled ankle sandal can heighten up their modern styling.

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