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Extremely Unexpected Georges Chakra Couture FW 2016-17 Collection

Written by Aini


Georges Chakra not a new name in fashion industry known from his creative, feminine and confident styles. He always tries to bring something new never excepted by anyone and always he surprised anyone through his wow-worthy collection. Along with ready-to-wear collection Georges Chakra has full control over haute couture collection.

This time we feel honor to unleash Georges Chakra 2016 fall winter couture collection which intricately crafted with unique details and zingy hues. Bombshell red, pink, white, black are alluring hue seem in this collection. Georges Chakra highly focuses over white and black hues.  Cropped jackets, Long gown, Trousers, ball dress, min dresses, cocktail dress, sheath gown.  Slim trouser are impeccable silhouettes in this collection.

He plays with fabrication and material. Velvet, tulle, organza   fabrication utilized to create a feel of softens in Zen style.  Feather, crystals, sequins, flower motifs, graphical cuts and flames each and every thing adds in this collection in balance. He doesn’t wants to overload his collection.

White wedding silhouettes with stunning gold, pink and platinum details grabs my attention. Sexy neckline, sleeves and train length increase beauty and elegance of wedding dresses. “There is quite bit of softness, it create a Zen feel. With everything that is going on in the world I decided to go for softness, more romance, with lot of attitude” is beautiful words of Georges Chakra spokes while his interview to a channel.  Chiaroscuro painting techniques, flames and even baroque feel black velvet dress surprise the audience.

These are the romantic cocktail and evening gown of this collection splendidly adds attitude and confidence in women personality. Ball these models wear black gloves in hand that look beautiful. Floor touching gown fabulously adorn with sequins and feathers, jewel. Slash, illusion, off-the-shoulder and strapless neckline details cocktail gown in black red and golden hues steals my hearts.


Black short dresses are jaw-dropping part of this collection. Sophisticated details brilliantly used to define these ridiculously gorgeous outfits. Pleated chiffon, velvet and lace fabric crafted black dresses festooned with pleated, fringes, ruffle details. Pointy toe black pumps and elbow length black glove add classy flavor.  Exposed arm collar, one-shoulder, jewel, bateau, and turtle neck dress are really unexpected silhouettes.
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