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Dion Lee Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection at Australia Fashion Week

Written by Aini

Dion Lee recently unleashes 2018 sporty-chic resort collection at the Patio of the Sydney Opera House in Australia rosy lights, and stormy clouds in lavender in background reveal true Australian charm.

Brighter color and delightful details incredibly involve in collection designing. Dion Lee introduce sensational trend you want to wear this summer. Men and women clothing line for 2018 resort collection formation.

Dion Lee showcased festive attire at Australia fashion week. This is shifting moment for designer as he is going to lunch men’s collection for the first time. You can also find fine collection of swimming attires. Sexy silhouettes, fluid and sensual, give notable summer look to trendy girls.

Khaki evening gowns, colored drop dress, in bounded satin, asymmetric drape top, see-through top, water proof knitted swimwear, washi paper knit wears and jersey dresses design for your leisure and elegance.

Asymmetric skirt and cami top:

Asymmetric draped ribbon high-low maxi skirt give darling look with cami style bounded satin drape top and thongs shoes. White and black outfit give sexual appeal to gorgeous ladies seeking for lightness and comfort.

Strapless daywear for ladies:

Strapless stripped across midi dress design intricately. Lace mesh and ribbon drape dress has sheath look in front yet has hanky inlaid train at back. Its lovely dresses for indoor and outdoor styling.

Ribbon wrapped midi dress:

Bounded red satin ingeniously involve in jewel neck sleeveless midi dress designing. It looks beautiful with red and navy blue ribbon wrap around and fell down for adornment purpose. It’s adorable way to transform simple dress into sophisticated and notable dress.

Asymmetric top with matching accessories:

Straight across strapless asymmetric top cut topper show feminine quality with red loose leg track pant. Flip-flop kicks, black leather belt and dramatic cut Akubra hats are daring accessories bloom sexy summer style.

Button front skirt and sporty top:

Blue doubled button front high-low draped skirt and closely fit sporty-chic blouse make inspiration outfit with shiny black long bots which are incredible version of R.M.William boots in own signature style.

Chunky red trench-like coat:

Bulky and chunky knit red trench coat in double layer piled over asymmetric neck and fisher net drape skirt outfit. Head-to-toe red outfit is romantic attire for spring daylight walkouts. Slip coat at one shoulder to show off dresses you pull down beneath it.

Stunning Knitwear in blue:

Wooly and chic chunky knotted sweater top layered over black swimwear for exotic appeal. Sensational knots. Curvy cut hat and flip-flop are amazing element polish feminine look.

Sculptured top with track pant:

Sculpture pleated halter neck satin dress and blue track suit with slouchy details make statement outfit that inspire fashionary ladies. Pointy leather boots and belt details pop in sophistication and slight Manish-like grace.

One-shoulder evening gown:

Khaki, light gold, bounded satin tea gown is drop-dead gorgeous silhouette for evening styling. One shoulder asymmetric neck gown captivates with novelty –chic ribbon draping and streamers effects.

Double breasted midi dress:

Delightful and chic navy blue double breasted long dress is stunning attire for subtle-chic formal look. Low slit pocket patched, V-neck and sleeveless detailing dress polish edgy style with black kicks and dramatic eyewear matching.


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