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Striped shirt for women

Written by Aini


Stripped shirt can add casual and interesting charm on modern ladies. Stripped pattern is very popular design that can peek in fashion. Stripped pattern clothing fashion accessories home decorative accessories and many other things that can allure your modern styling. Stripped shirts can give chic and cool charm in both summer and winter season. Striped shirts can wear with skinny jeans tights, shorts skirts and many other modern styling pants and jacket dressing. Stripped shirt can center of attention in their modern styling appearance.

Ultra-mod short with stripped shirt fashion:

red top and jakit with striped shirt

Red short and coat can add inviting charm in their black and white striped shirt styling. Modern and chic styling girl look can add versatility in their modern appearance with their dressing. In modern dressing stripped shirt can add fascinating glam on them. Black sunglasses and matching shoulder bag can also glimpse captivating charm on them.

Modern striped shirt with skinny jeans idea:


Horizontal stripped black and white shirt can add modernized glam on them with matching black skinny jeans. Matching ankle booties can save from cold wind. In winter season this style dress with ivory shoulder draping scarf can add eye pleasing charm in their modern appearance.  You can also try this winter modern stripped shirt styling for their gorgeous appearance.

Decent party looks dressing:


Black and white ideal color combination Striped T-shirt can add delightful charm with black accessories such as pant and jacket or hand carry bag. Matching friend ship band s can also add fastening charm on them. Red lipstick and red heeled pumps can add alluring charm on them. In evening parties it is trendy look that can allure their modern appearance.

Navy blue stripped shirt with buttoned skirt fashion:


Bracelet sleeves stripped shirt can match with their front buttoned styled tea length skirt.  It can give chic and cool charm in summer season. Stripped shirt can make impressive your look in summer parties. Red flats an also add eye-pleasing charm on them. You must try this summer stripped shirt styling on beach summer parties.

Stripped shirt with matching jeans and over coat idea:


Stripped shirt with jeans pant idea make tempted your look with long over coat. Matching hand bag glasses and flats can give glamorized charm in your modern appearance. Office meeting look with stripped shirt bring tremendous glam on them with their other accessories. It is casual and easy to carry look make impressive and attractive their appearance in office.

Winter look stripped shirt fashion:


Horizontal jersey fabric stripped shirt can wear with black leather jacket and skinny jeans. Stripped shirt bring appealing touch with matching leather shoulder bag and sunglasses idea. Leopard printing flats can also add fabulous charm in their modern outdoor look. Trendy dress with up do hair style can flash out their modern styling.

Working women look with matching stripped shirt:


Well dress working women can tempted their appearance with stripped shirt. Navy blue colored pant coat is looking marvelous with their matching navy blue and white striped shirt. Dress matching wedge pumps can complete their working look with in modernized way. Decent look dress can add interesting charm with their stripped shirt styling.

Ultra-chic stripped shirt styling idea:


Skinny dress can add opulent charm in their modern party appearance. Skinny stripped shirt is looking fabulous with their skinny jeans styling. Jeans matching hand carry duffle bag and matching oxford shoes can add stylish touch in their appearance. Pony tail with baby cut hair style can give thought provoking ultra chic charm in their look.

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