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Cool looks with polka dot shirts

Written by Aini


I am huge fan of polka dot. So I think I have to familiarize you with this print as it lovely pattern rock your style. Amazing polka dot shirt make great pair with pant dressing for comfort and relax feelings. You also needed to create unique and attractive look in your personality. If you make wrong pair of polka dot shirt with other then take ideas from here and looking quote.

Denim Blazer over Polka Dot:


Pink color pant with polka dot shirt make highly great pair of dressing. You can enjoy jeans blazer with ballet shoes in winter season. Bright pant with light color polka dot shirt create attractive contras. You can enjoy long day in freely mood. For casual wearing you can pick up the pink pant with polka dot shirt dressing idea.

Middy Skirt with Polka Dot:


In above picture trendy women dress up the middy skirt with polka dot. Button down shirt is made slightly contras with open toy shoes. Wrist watch with hand bag and neck jewelry shows your well dressing personality. Middy skirt with collar top keeps you cool and freeze in hot weather. Addition of necessary fashion items in your well dressing creates lovely interest for good looking.

Black Jeans with Polka Dot:


How you look amazing and pick up street style fashion look in above picture. Polka dot v-neck shirt spotted you o enjoy matching jeans. Round toy ballet with gold jewelry allow you to pick up the right pattern in street fashion style. You can also get the hand bag in skin color for making down the personal storage.

Skinny Pant with Polka Dot:


Who say to you that polka dot not perfect dressing for working ladies; just follow the dressing as share with you in above image. Trendy girl is dress up the skinny jeans with polka dot and derby shoes. Full sleeve with leather jacket keep you warm up in winter season. You can enjoy long busy day in fit and flare dressing.

Wedge Shoes with Polka Dot:


Ankle strip wedge sandals alert you to maintain body balance easily. You can wear polka dot half sleeve with matching blaze. Bracelets with white pant boots up the fashion style in summer days. Keep your personality in casual look with white jeans and polka dot top.

Heeled With Polka Dot:


Working ladies attractive look create for best looking. Blue skirt with polka dot keep you relax in long busy day. Pointed toy heeled shoes show your high confidence level and inventing charm beauty. You can attract your customer look with Bang hair style and polka dot shirt dressing.

Short With Polka Dot:


Sexy girl are well known in fashion trend but some time lose their ability when pick up the polka dot shirt. Clothe pattern confuse you which pair look best with polka dot op. leather short with full sleeve give you unique styling in summer season to keep the body relax.

Formal Look with Polka Dot:


Polka dot short for functional bases are not bad idea. You can catch people attention with your pretty personality in polka dot pant dressing. Matching clutch with polka dot tie style and heeled shoes fair you’re looking.

Jeans with Polka Dot:


Jeans with polka dot are endless style for classic look. Add some color vibrant in your causal dressing with button down polka dot. Denim jeans with polka dot spice up your styling and glow your beauty in front of others.

Sunglasses with Polka Dot:


How you look lovely and romantic in red polka dot dressing just imagine. You feel lovely smile on your face when you pick up the idea for functional wearing. Collar with pant and gold necklace will boots up your style.


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