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Cool Baggy Jeans Styles Ideas for Collage Girls

Written by Aini


Baggy jeans become hot time favorite outfit among college girls from last couples of years. Denim baggy or boyfriend pants become staple clothing that rock collage girls fashion. Whenever we talk about baggy jeans collage girls reference comes on top of the list as Fashionry girls are crazy for baggy pant. Slouchy or boyfriend pants that are looser then denim jeans just like the trousers but not trousers. These pants amazingly cover bigger space in woman closets that matched with their vogue modes. You can style up this tricky outfit in timeless styles that every one admire you. It perfect time to style up in trendy way with baggy pants or trousers with trendy accessories. High heels shoes, belts, statement jewelry and blazers are compiling item that relay add versatility and elegance in your appearance.

Here we show some trendy and fashionable look in baggy jeans that give you glamorous and ultra-modish styles.


school going and collage girls may pick high or llow heel shoes according to their preferece. Thant pants mlook in each style. Denim baggy pany in loose legs with balck leather betl, blace and classic shoes look fantactic. Just try this fashionary look to looh indifferent form others.

Denim Baggy Pant With Sneaker


Denim baggy pant with knee patches is fashionary and chic ideas to look attractive and unique from other girls. Black top and blazers is quite impressive match with baggy pant as it gibe sleek and sober look.

Minimalist Top with Baggy Pant


Boy friend pant, black minimalist sleeveless top highlights feminine charm of fashionary girl who pairs white sneaker to get eye-pleasing look. It’s cool and chic styling ideas for summer days. Belt is essential for compliment yet some can skip belt to get rocking appearance.



Black ankle-up boots, denim baggy pant and nautical striped top on which navy coat layers look cool and best style to getting boyish look. This girl totally looks like a guy as   her short hairstyle is matched with her outfit. Just cuff roll edges to show off black leather boots.

Cool Top with Baggy Pant


White full sleeve top, bell bottom baggy pant is eminent style that gives inspiration look to that girl. Black belt, Gold chain necklace and nude handbag are chic accessories that glow it style. Each and every thing unify with her personality just like black and white high sole sneaker shoes that add little whimsical accent.

Ripped Baggy Pant


Over sized feather embellished sweater, a cuff roll frayed baggy pant is spectacular outfit ideas for winter styling. Black high heel booties also look gorgeous and accentual your style.

Playful Grey Baggy Pant with Sandal


Grey colored cotton baggy pants with matching top look fabulous with leather stripped sandals. N red leather and black under garment give visible charm that look attractive.

Romper Style Baggy Pant


Low length jeans baggy pants boat shoes and white top ideas style for hoes girls who desired to get boy like style.   Braid belt in romper style glimpse outfit charm yet it add artistic accent in collage girl styling.

Heels and Baggy Pant


Black pointy French toe heeled pumps with baggy pants and stud embellished blazer is superb edgy outfit that give unbeatable style to a collage girls. Just try this chic styling look elegant and more versatile.

Neutral Baggy Pant


Turtle neck stretchable fabric sleeveless top with matching baggy trouser give impeccable style to a fashionary girl. Nude color is graceful and more versatile option for sober and simple styling.

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