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10 Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans with Different Shirts

Written by Aini

Ripped jeans fashion turn around back in boys & girls. Which types of are best suited with ripped jeans is difficult task. For this summer here we share our ideas about shirt with distress jeans, now it’s time to enter the jeans in your dressing for sexy charm cool look beauty.

Ripped Jeans With Boxy Blazer:


Women wear the black color distress jeans with white top and boxy blazer. Wool blazer with sneaker attention will give you warmth and comfort feelings. Other then sneaker you can try oxford and classic pumps to enjoy the complete beauty look. Leather tote bag gives best contras with jeans dressing.

Distress Jeans with Button down Shirt:


Blue jeans make attentive to every person when you wear with ankle strip heel shoes. Button down striped printed shirt keep you cool and relax this weekend. Cotton fabric shirt with ripped jeans develop into genius working lady look.

Ripped Jeans With Floral Lace Shirt:


White color jeans give you best contras with same color vibrant top. Floral lace halter neck shirt make interesting style with plated end. Fit and flare form top with black peep toe wearing the trendy girl. Blue color medium side shoulder bag gives him elegant beauty.

Distress Blue Jeans With Plum Dressing:


Plum color, half sleeve, round neck shirt you can wear with blue jeans in these summer days. Nude pumps with matching cross body bag can try the college girls. Fit and flare cotton fabric shirt you can wear also in lawn fabric.

Ripped Jeans With T-Shirt:


White and black strip print enjoys you with black pointed toe shoes and shoulder bag. Half sleeve loose fitting top keep you relax in casual dressing look. Your favorite jeans make you impressive lady. Jersey fabric t-shirt with heel shoes is shows your great confidence.

Distress Jeans with One Off-Shoulder Top:


Ladies that are fashion conscious try to enjoy every fashion look. As you can see in above image modish lady wear the black one off-shoulder top with blue jeans. Her orange color pumps with tribal look bag make him attractive personality. She sees in her best summer style dressing to enjoy every day.

Distress Jeans with White T-Shirt:


Interesting and fresh look you can develop in her personality when you follow the above image define dressing. Cuff jeans with half sleeve white color t-shirt you can impress other and get their attention. Wedge heel shoes with hand jewelry also best suited with ripped jeans style.

Cuff Ripped Jeans with Blazer:


Street style skinny jeans with blazer wear the women in winter days. Collared shirt with neck jewelry and heel pumps make him well dress lady. Camel Wool blazer on skinny cuff jeans high light the body features with sexy charm.

Distress Jeans with Full Sleeve:

Marina De Giovanni

Navy blue jeans with full sleeve give real business look. Collared shirt with white color presentation wear the women on black shoes. Top holder bag is needed accessory of working women to make personal storage. Shoulder hair cut with blue jeans develop in to unique and good look mood.

Ripped In Official Style:


Relax and fresh mood also bring best impact on your whole day working. You can best performance in if you are feeling her beauty good in well dressing. Ripped jeans lover can wear the check printed open button down shirt. Lace boots give you long walk with sunglasses that keep you safe from dark sunrays.

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