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Off-The-Shoulder Split Blouse-An Edgy Outfit for Trendy Girls

Written by Aini


Off the shoulder blouse is versatile and popular fashion trend of this year highly spotted at the street. Fashionary ladies love to wear exposed shoulder blouse to enhance feminine looks. Split plus off-the-shoulder blouse is unique addition in women closets which let them to get comfortable and relaxed styling.

These top are chic compliment with jeans, legging and shorts. Side slit and front slit blouses are in loose fitted pattern look like a shirt but it’s a blouse. This blouse the so stylish allow you easy reach to the jeans pocket without tucked it in the jeans and also help you to create balance posture while walking. Here we bring fine collection of slit off-the-shoulder blouse hop you like it.

White slit off-the-shoulder blouse:


White open shoulder blouse, intricately stitched with sides and front cut and Butterfly sleeve, give breathtaking look with knitted grey pant. Its dreamy fall outfit let other to turn back and look again. I see chic scope of split off-the-shoulder in future. So quickly bring it in closet to look special.

Side slit blouse and jeans:


Distressed demin which ripped from the thigh and fitted to the leg are splendidly matched with shirt off-the-shoulder side split blouse, royal blue purse and stylish sunglass by Olivia  while visiting outside. She balances the bottoms by wearing white lace-up flower embellished sneakers. It’s confident and bold inspiration for trendy girls.

Gorgeous Olivia Palermo walks out with her little pet dog. She wears white cotton off-the-shoulder split top, denim ripped jeans and black flower printed sneakers. She get individual look by choosing split cut blouse which rarely seem on the streets.

Bell sleeve off-the-shoulder blouse:


Loose fitted and slit cut blouse are delicate choice for the professional ladies especially belong to the executive posts. It fantastic option let them to look stylish without loading too much. Powder blue off-the shoulder blouse slit from the side and front is layered with high-waisted white skinny and ankle strap stilettos.

Butterfly sleeve split blouse:


Here is another way to dress-up beige color side slit off the shoulder blouse tailored with elastic smoked shoulder and flared bell sleeves details. Loose fitted blouse reached just below the hips work as a shirt. Black legging, classical suede pumps and exposed leather hand clutch are perfect accessories grace up woman personality neutrally.

Slit blouse and denim shorts:


I’m sure this street look must inspire you. Ripped denim short, breathable white cotton blouse and romantic red gladiator ankle wrap sandals ingeniousally tame-up to get edgy look during the spring season. White and red make breathtaking combination.  Nude color tote bags add neutral grace. Off-the-shoulder and side slit cut blouse it really an awesome choice for trendy girls.

Loose fitted split blouse and heels:


Off-the-shoulder blouse is cool compliment allow you to enhance edgy look to rock on the street. It’s stylish and pleasant choice for those who have great ability to put step with fashion. Fashion is for all. So pick this lovely off the shoulder blouse that tailored with roundly shaped side slit cut border and full sleeves intricately knotted after splitting it.  High heels, denim shinnies and gorgeous clutch are perfect option to enhance modish look just matches with your lifestyle.

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