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How to Style Cardigan with Belt

Written by Aini

Belt up you cardigan to add twist in winter outfit. Edgy look ultimately enhance with single transition. Belt considers winter outfit staple that will transform whole look especially with cardigans. Make your winter look festive by belting up cardigan differently. Here we filter some favorite board which explains effortless cardigan makeover with a belt.

Petite belt cardigan:

This is how you look chic and fashionable in classy cardigan without beige too old. Soft grey cardigan, layer with plaid shirt and shirt skirt outfit, lines-up dainty winter look. Tie thin belts to positioned button less cardigan. Make sure belt color unify with other accessories.

Belted cardigan with scarf:

Create twist to upgrade winter look. Textured cardigan belted up with a cool scarf wearing. Scarf and cardigan make versatile outfit that ensure comfort and coziness. Tucked scarf inside lapel and fixed with belt. Choose thin and lightweight scarf with cardigan. Simple scarf look awesome with pattered cardigan or printed scarf pair ell with plain cardigan.

Cardigan with shoe matching belt:

Petite belts create delightful impressions instead of bold. This way you dominate sweater designs efficiently. Brighter color thin belt, matched with shoes color, opt to adjust cozy cardigan on white short dress. You can try different belt knot style to pinch creativity and drama.

Grey cardigan with metallic belt:

Infuse bold and confident impression by adding statement belt to line-up winter cardigan outfit, cardigan re in front open style. Belt up cardigan if you leave them open to give a hint what you wear beneath. Metallic belt is awesome detail to get swoon-worthy look during snowy.

Back-to-school inspire belted cardigan:

Brighter color cardigan and vintage belt definitely right pair to complete back-to-school look. Mustered color sweater simple positioned with white bucked belt. Knee length socks, vintage Merry Jane, hat and cross body bag are further details selected to gear up plaid dress.

Belted wrap cardigan:

Wrap cardigan around body and tie a belt to make warmth snuggle during this winter. Charcoal grey bulky cardigan keep closer to body to stay headed with mercury drops. Stud embellished thicker belt look nice on long cardigan.

Belt cardigan mini skirt outfit:

That’s sweet and stylish twist to shift winter to spring. Cardigan enables winter coziness while miniskirts pinch spring freshness. Baggy style cardigan, in beige hue, gives versatile appeal with intricate knotted belt up. Black open toe boots pair to set outfit around leather belt.

Leather belt cardigan outfit:

Integrate gorgeous leather belt and vintage-chic long boots to enhance dainty style during spring, waterfall cardigan looks nice on floral dress and black legging.

Sober look in belted cardigan:

Polished spring workout looks by dressing down catchy belted cardigan on midi dresses. Sober color combinations give graceful look to her. Thin belt in show matching color choose to develop balance.

Bold black belted maxi cardigan:

Top-to- toe black looks is smart decision. Make sure belt you wear on cardigan should be bold and prominent. You can amp up outfit with metallic or compliment color belt otherwise focus over style.


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