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Comfortable Funnel Neck midi Dresses

Written by Aini

Funnel neck is wide neck on a dress like a sweater. Fashionable neckline mostly design in midi dresses not long. Relax feelings feel with body cone, flare midi dress that wear casually with heel or flat shoes. In our collection cotton and jersey fabric funnel neck dress are collected. You can wear pendant necklace and cross body bag in funnel neckline dresses.

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Funnel Neck Body Cone Dress:

Exclusive body cone funnel neck midi dress has stretchable features. Long sleeve, double lined dress hugs the curvy women body. The burgundy color midi dress looks classic and chic. You can wear bodice fit outfit to go anywhere with black color wedge heel sandals. In funnel neck line you can easily enjoy the pendant necklace that show clearly. Side bang silky hair and dress matching lipstick you can pick up for make over her beauty.

Half Sleeve Funnel Neck Dress:

The strip print brown color funnel neck features dress wear with black ankle boots. Relaxed body shape dress is stitch with luxury jersey fabric that feels soft and cool on body. Thick black leather belt you can wear on waist for fitting. Funnel neck style is not much high and low but cover your neck. Nude legs appear in this funnel neck outfit that best suited for summer wear.

Sleeveless Funnel Neck Dress:

Printed colorful sleeveless dress you can attire to attend evening party. Knee length funnel neck features sheath dress high lights the body figure. With pointy ankle strip heel shoes short funnel neck dress look nice. Sexy beauty of lady emerged under this dress that attracts people. Silver small earring and bracelets you can add when wear the printed sleeveless outfit.

Open Shoulder Pink Color Dress:

For outdoor going wear open shoulder funnel neck dress with black accessories. Tiny cut is design in funnel neck front with half sleeve. You feel highly comfortable and relax in this midi funnel neck dress. Cute pink dress can team with leather jacket and boots to protect from cold. Cotton fabric loose fit dress best suited for every day wear.

Jersey Fabric Funnel Neck Dress:

Funnel neck midi dress give you easy turn and appear romantic beauty of lady. Strappy high heel shoes she match in gray color knee length dress. Stretch able dress is easy to wear casually. Back bun hair style make over when you wear cool sleeveless dress. Summer dress in light color is great addition that you can enjoy in next hot season.

Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Dress:

How you can wear funnel neck midi dress in street style look take idea from above image. Ivory color jersey dress she matched with her lacy sneaker. Black color slim bag in cross body style. Big size sunglasses also wear the lady with funnel neck dress. Due to cute neckline you can easily carry your hand bag. Long fitted sleeve finished with elastic cuff that don’t slip back when you up your hand.

Split Funnels Neck Dress:

In above image modern lady attire bodice fit funnel dress with flip flop flat shoes. Thin brown color leather belt wear in bow style that gives stunning beauty to lady. Top holder orange bag is needed accessory that you can contras with white dress. In bob cut hair cat eye sunglasses wear the lady. Cheap street styling idea in funnel neck dress you can also follow.


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