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Vitorino Campos Spring 2017- First Look Ever

Written by Aini


Vitorino Campos is talented and renowned fashion designer lunched his label brand in 2008 after completing graduation from Brazilian unversidade de Salvador. Vitorino Campos show sensitivity for craftsmanship while designing outfits. Recently Vitorino Campos comes with his enthralling spring 2017 collection that really grabs attentions. His newest collection is full of interesting and unusual dresses which shows his craft ability and talent. Blue Klein to lunar color spring summer collection mostly consist night cloths and lauded party dresses.


Here we bring fewest 2017 spring outfits that he designs for fashionary women   with huge inspiration from space. While talking about His artistic collection he said, “ I visited the House Triangle and found that the work of Dario Escobar had a connection with the collection ,both in the color chart as in geometry, one of the work that seem a spatial plates,”


Vitorino Campos crafted abotoamente and same size pants that look intersecting and gorgeous. He gives eccentric and aesthetic details that compose unique and fascinating dresses. Geometrical printed sleeveless sleeping gown is layered over hale sleeve T-shirt. Black flip flop, cuff necklace and stylish sunglasses give statement look to Vitorino Campos’s model


Loose straight leg knee length trouser and long sleeve coat style shirt featured with self-tie in fronts and waist belt. White silk crafted lauded dresses with turtle neck top looking gorgeous. Colorful stones and silver sequin work is don of bodice   to add vibrancy and lively charm.


Vitorino Campos spring collection Prevail throughout the show that captures front row audience. He gives dreamy and magical details that look marvelous. High-neck and knee length dress in white color is graceful and splendid outfit paired with overlying shirt in blue color. White flip-flop and handbags bring elegance and impeccable glance in her statement look.


Lunar printed tired skirt, and full sleeve turtle neck sweater is high-end and inviting dress for evening styling. It’s gorgeous and eye-pleasing outfit for formal and street styling. Vitorino Campos modeled amazing composition of volumes and linages overlaps just like French modern vetements.


Vitorino Campos all blue collection is focused by everyone as these dresses have rounded organic shapes with mix of identical effects or interspersed of unusual featuring. Boyfriend Jeans pant with turtle neck top and striped cotton overlapping give extravagant look to Vitorino Campos’s model.


Vitorino Campos green velvet dresses hit the stage as the styling of the mooring, overlapping or modeling is interesting and whimsical ideas to shaped aesthetic dresses for trendy girls. Spaghetti strap and deep rounded neckline featured dresses with asymmetrical wet velvet green strips adornment is versatile outfit in spring and summer 2017 collection.

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