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“The Dior Express” Christian Dior Cruise 2017 Resort Collection

Written by Aini

Christian Dior unveils his Cruise 2017 collection at the Blenheim Palace in England. The fashion house is still work in progress without any creative direction after the departure of Raf Simons. Christian Dior 2017 collection is based on “the Dior express” at the Victoria station at London. Blenheim palace is serving as the home of duck of Marlborough. Christian Dior 2017 cruise collection carries exotic and mind-bellowing silhouettes. The most interesting thing in the show is unexpected downpours on that day. It’s not a new thing for thee visitors but the models had to walk in the formal garden and parkland is fixed for the visitor seating.  Thankfully the show was not over in this situation when it’s raining cats and dogs.  Know comes to the collection.

Expose legs outfits:


The collection is also inspired from the post war high society wardrobes who feel restless throughout the period as mentioned in the show notes. Flared trouser and slim pants is pair with voluminous sleeves come just above the elbow tops. Bar jacket are the most appealing and eye-popping silhouettes in Dior collection which is also known as Dior signature. This time bar jacket come with little variation as these are longer in length covering the hip and cinched at the waist.

Skirt over the pant:


Christian Dior team gives unexpected and whimsical touch to their trendy look by layering mini skirt over the pants.  Look at the first look in whit the model wears cropped leather pants. Yellowish mini skirt, printed top, black blazer and scarf-like-streamer flowing on the waist line along with black high heel boots and leather handbag.  The second look is grabs the attention as brighter color is used here. Yellow top, red skirt and wool knotted flare pants is charming outfits.  The third one is completely adorn in neutral hues. Shinny leather cropped pants, soft color coat, ivory skirt and high neck top is intricately layered to sophisticate and individual style.

Dior signature bar coat:


Dior 2017 cruise resort collection is full of drama and masculine touch. Look at these two look in which models wear Dior signature bar coat to delicate and effortless style. Gingham printed front open long cat which cover the hip is matched with black asymmetrical cut mini dress and   same pattern pant.  Model carry white handle   handbag and wears chocker necklace for statement glance while the other model   achieved captivating charm in light yellowish long cats featuring long sleeves and drawstring asymmetrical lines on the hem.

Black long dresses by Dior:


Dior 2017 resort collection also   carries long dresses in black hues for evening and formal styling.  Here I bring three different styles of long ankle grazing dresses style crafted with individual details. The first one is in tea length having one puff sleeve and slipped from the shoulder; printed baby blue scarf is streamed in vertical line to embellish the dress.  Center place long dresses are tailored with printed fabric and plunge V-neck details. Ruffled, illusion neck and sleeveless long gown is in chiffon fabric adorn with self bow tie waist drawstrings details is the visible features of third dress.

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