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Summer and Winter Black Blue Tight-High Garget Mid-Length Pleated Net Wool Jeans Ladies Shorts and Stocking

Written by Aini

Shorts are worn both man and women. These are the short version of pent. In past history mostly athletic player worn short pent. In British short pants are worn as a uniform for boys.

In 19th and 20th century short are wear young boys until they reach at the age of eighteen. These shorts are in different types like swim short, basic shorts, flat front short, walking short, baggies short, and workout short.
Stocking mean hose is a type of garments. Stockings are wearing for covering the foot and leg. The term stocking is also related with horse marking. A white color of fabric is used on the horse hoof. Historically the word stock mean sock. In 1950 stocking was worn the dancer. In That time period stocking was prepare by wool, silk, cotton and nylon.
In our collection different types of stocking are adding like fishnet, compression, nylon, seamed, garget, net, sheer, lace, tight-high and wool. In past history garget stocking were wear all around.

But now a day’s multiple types of stocking are prepare. These stocking are in black color. Stocking keep you save in summer and in winter season. Stocking are design only for girl.
Different types of shorts are introducing with you as short pants, mid-length, low-rise, Bermuda, knee-length, pleated. Mia-length shorts are best for all type of body. Shorts are in black, blue, and in green color. You can wear these shorts with t-shirt, long sweater etc.
Short and stocking are for summer and winter season. You can easily wear and can enjoy. These are available in normal price.

Modren shorts and stocking  (1)

Modren shorts and stocking  (2)

Modren shorts and stocking  (3)

Modren shorts and stocking  (4)


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