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Latest Anum Printed Lawn Volume 2 Collection 2016 by Al- Zohaib Textile

Written by Aini


Hay guise, now a day’s fashion icon Al-zohaib textile comes in fashion industry titled as Anum lawn 2016-17. Spring summer lawn collection 2016 is famous in this brand. This brand can also famous as other lawn brands. It can present printed lawn costume with their unique shades and prints. Their collection is heart touching of their buyers who can like printed lawn in hot summer season. Anum collection brings versatility with their novelistic color texture pattern even prints. You must try this summer for soothing and glamorized hue.

Here are some unique designs of Anum printed lawn Volume 2 2016 collection.


Here is cute both side view of Anum collection dress. Front Chic patterend long shirt with boarder and bane style neckline. Back side of the shirt can also design with peach and blue touch printed shirt. Their sleeves can also match with their front side of the shirt. Blue pajama is also looking gorgeous. Their full printed dupatta can also looking fabulous with their chic design. 2 or 3 color blends and makes impressive your dress styling.


Brighten shade grey and tomato red color dress gives sophisticated hue on their wearing style. Al-zohaib textile can design with their creative designing front and back side different patterned. Front side of the shirt is designed with bane style neckline with side panel and edge boarder printing shirt. Back side of the shirt is also designed with grey chic designing ad red stripped on them and matching front boarder. Tomato red Capri cans also looking pretty with their shirt matching dupatta style.


Al zohaib textile off white colored dress can be styled with multi colored flower printing.  Both views can give enchanting hue with their modern appearance. Short shirt with Capri sewing style is latest style that can popularized in trendiest ladies. Neckline and bordered featuring front side shirt can add versatility in their wearing look. Back side of the shirt is also same as front side. Their dupatta is also designed with green and yellow flower designing.


Olive green and yellow colored with red hue printed dress is the best dress of Anum collection. front of the shirt is designed with printed neckline and center olive green pattern and edge wide orange red hue bordered is looking pretty. The back side of the shirt is also designed with olive green full backside with front same bordered idea. Neckline matching yellow Capri make elegant their brighten shade dress. Both shirt and Capri matching colors dupatta can also designed with their creativity.


Soft touch peach red and sea green dress bring soothing ascent in hot summer season. Front and back same peach colored with red and sea green touch shirt is looking fabulous with red cigarette pant. Sea green full printed dupatta can also designed with red bordered and center red flower designing. Dress matching high heeled cross strappy  sandal can also add versatility in their modern appearance.


Fabulous look Anum collection dress is ready with splendid combination. Grey black shirt front can be styled with red rose panel design with polka dot center designing and Capri matching boarder. Shirt back is also designed with shirt top rose flower design with entire large sized dots with front matching boarder design. Boarder matching full pink dupatta can also be styled with grey stripped boarder.


Here is soft with brighten hue shirt with plated edge cigarette pant and sleeves matching dupatta style. Sky blue colored front of the shirt is designed with brighten flowery and zig and zag bordered. Neckline can also designed with creative flower printed with center cut style with button fastened design. Shirt back is also designed with light shed self print with darker edge boarder designing. Front and back boarder design dupatta bring eye-pleasing glam on them.


Red and grey colored goorgeous look Anum collection printed dress is looking marvelous . flower and patterend designed dress bring enchanting hue with tehri both views. Front shirt is also designed with grey and red designing and back of the shirtt is also designed with center full red and side grey patetrend design. Dressing matching printed dupatta can also bring intersting charm on tehm.


Entire collection of Al-zohabib textile Anum printed lawn collection bring tremndous galm on tehri appearnec. You can also try this summer latest collection of spring summer 2016 dress.

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