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“Hand Crafted” Roksanda Resort 2018 Fashion Show Looks

Written by Aini

Roksanda present embedded pastel shades handcrafted costumes on their resort 2018 fashion show. On their collection languid suits, breezy dresses pant with coat, oversized coat, voluminous trousers and skirt outfits can expounded with artistic way. Their lovely resort collection can also feel confident when wearing it. High quality fabric is used in their resort 2018 collection.

Pastel shades, plum, oyster pink powder blue, sorbet yellow squid ink and many more sweet colors can glamorized their resort 2108 collection. Zip, oversized button and another material is used just for fun and accentuate these costumes with artistic way.

Silk long flare tunic with flared white pant:

Here you can see canary yellow A-line long silk tunic with pair of white wide pant. Burgundy pie-frill collar design canary yellow silk long gown can amused with side hand crafted motif embellishment and groomed their look with white wide pant styling. Collar match highlighted flare long sleeves hands are in pockets.

Long silk fringed detailing dress style:

Here you can see long silk fringed detailing dress of Roksanda resort 2018 collection. Plum, sorbet yellow and squid ink shades fringe detailing costume bring versatility with black heeled booties. Their gold oversized earring can also get stunning touch on their gorgeous look.

Glittery striped skirt with tuck in shirt style:

Glittery stripped A-line half tuck in collar shirt styling can amused their Roksanda resort 2018 collection dressing. Collared button bell sleeves deatling tuck in shirt with glittery stripped skirt outfit can pair with pastel pink silk knotted bow embellished oxford heeled pointy open beak pumps.

Roksanda resort 2018 collection outfit:

Grey red and pink voluminous trousers can pair with sheer grey turtle neck elastic sleeves. Roksanda present this luxurious dress in their resort 2018 collection with red knotted silk open back pumps. Their unique presentation can grab the attention on their dress with complete detail.

Pastel pleated flare skirt with sleeves top outfit:

Pastel stripped pleated mini flare a-line skirt can pair with sleeveless patter pan collared edge wrapped shirt. This lovely resort collection outfit can get sober hue and add confidence in women styling. Pastel pink, white, yellow and blue shades pleated skirt can also appear nude legs with their matching pink silk not pointy open back pumps.

Red sleeveless top with flare trouser style:

Here you can see white zig zag lace finishing red sleeveless top with flare trouser outfit. Roksanda designed this dress for their resort collection and present with an elegant way with pink shoes pair.

Pastel pant with coat:

Pastel peach pant with oversized buttoned coat is present on their resort 2018 fashion show. Their artistic pastel hue dress is looking fabulous with their intricate styling. Their oversized fringed earring and white pointy ankle heeled booties bring eye-catching touch on their look.


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