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Fancy Hooded, Kimono and Shawl Collar Towel Bathrobes Collection for Ladies

Written by Aini

A bath gown is an open front dress that is wear after bath. These dresses are made up of towel and other absorbed fabrics. It is designed as loose, open front and closed belt. These dresses are more comfortable and perfect for wet body. These dresses are various styles. Like; hooded, shawl collar and kimono style bath gowns. Trendy girls like these bathrobe and wear after bath.
In our collection, there are various styles and designs of bath gowns. In which, plain, floral printing and embossed flower bath gowns are here. These are made up of towel fabric, cotton, silk, wool, nylon, flannel, and waffle fabrics. These all fabrics are water absorbed. These fabric bathrobes are perfect after bath. There are various styles of bath gowns. Like; shawl collar, hooded and kimono styles. These bath gowns are awesome and gorgeous.
In these bathrobes, there are various pretty shades. Like; white, black, maroon, pink, purple, red, skin, cream, grey, sea green and multi color bath gowns are here. These all are pretty and comfortable for ladies.
Overall, all style and designs of bath gowns are beautiful. Modish and trendy girls like these gowns and worn after bath.

Cool colourful bath gowns (1)

Cool colourful bath gowns (1)

Cool colourful bath gowns (6)

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