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Classy spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection by Theory

Written by Aini


Theory is the renowned New York based clothing retailer fashion. It can specialize for men and women wear clothing and fashion accessories. Andrew Rosen and Elie Tahari is the founder of this brand. This iconic brand can launched 18 years ago mean 1997 in New York. Theory can present seasonal collection for their regular consumers.  Their ready to wear collection bring eye-pleasing charm with their artistic designing outfits.  In their ready to wear collection high-water trouser, skirt tunic coats polka doted and stripped feature mix dressing, shorts off the shoulder silhouette and many more dresses are include it.
Here are some unique dresses that can bring versatility on their wearing style.

High water trouser with wrap shirt dress:

4 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (1)

In this view you can see high water trouser with wrap style robe shirt bring eye rolled charm on them. White colored full dress can style up their modern look with their dress wearing style. Sleeveless robe style side belted pocket style shirt can made high quality material and bring soothing charm in your wearing style. Their high water trouser can give casual hue on their carrying style. This costume is the collection of theory ready to wear 2016 collection.

Theory black and white dress design:

5 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (2)

Black trouser with white sleeveless silk top can appeals their dress wearing style. Dress match sling back cross strappy chunky heeled sandal can style up theory casual look dress. Theory spring 2016 ready-to-wear dress make fabulous their appearance in spring season with easy and comfy styling. Pocket style trouser make impressive their appearance in daily routine dressing. You may also try on regular dressing with their sandal style.

Theory ready to wear dress collection:

6 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (4)

In this image you can see theory paired dress that can style up their modern look. Sleeveless coat with midi skirt idea make formal look with casual matching chappal. School boy pant with white crepe full sleeves shirt can design with front white shirt match embroidery. Cuff sleeves can style up their look with pocket hand. Pant matching black buckle featured chappal.  Both of models show cased theory spring 2016 collection dresses for their regular costumers.

Button down coat with school boy pant idea:

7 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (5)

In this view button down large pocketed coat can paired with trouser. High quality cotton based full suit bring formal appearance with their T strappy high heeled sandal. Theory designed this dress with their artistic designing.  You may try on formal professional dressing and add versatility on them.  This unique dress is also one of the theory dress collection dress.

Theory midi dress with blazer design:

8 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (7)

A white midi dress can wrapped with small sized coat can be styled with their casual look. Trendy girls are like it this midi dress with sling back cross strappy high heeled sandal. High quality cotton material white simple plain midi dress brings enchanting charm with their contrasted black coat. Their sleek legs bring enormous hue with their dress styling. You may also try for their casual party styling and get center of attention in parties.

Navy pair dresses with brass button:

9 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (9)

Navy pair pants and blazer outfit can style up with brass button styling. White collar shirt can get prominence charm in navy pair with their casual chappal. Theory brand designed with their intricate designing and brig glamorized charm on their wearing style. Formal look outfit make impressive their professional appearance. Trendy ladies are like it and try for office going and bring marvelous hue on them.

Suede coat and tunic with trouser idea:

10 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (15)

High water trouser with suede tunic and coat is looking gorgeous with their wearing style. Front open the coat can get attractive hue with frilling. Suede coat matching high sole wrap sandal make elegant their look. Theory brand unique dress makes impressive their look with their creative designing dressing. Fashionable ladies can carry for their formal and casual both wearing and bring spectacular hue on them. You may also try this style dress and bring captivating charm on them.

Off the shoulder belted part attire:

11 superb theory spring 2016 RTW (20)

Black off the shoulder midi dress can flash out their evening party styling. Their elastic shoulder with below the elbow sleeves brings splendid hue on their modern appearance. Center belted dress can maintain their figure and style up their modern look with their twisted hair styling.  Simple plain but graceful black theory dress can get prominence charm in your party appearance.

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Theory ready to wear collection dress can style up your casual and formal appearance.

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