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What to Wear With White Shirt for Handsome Look-Men Style

Written by Aini

White shirts are timeless and preppy go-to clothing complement right for year around styling. Crisp white shirts can wear in any style, anywhere and anytime. It’s better to say that these are wardrobe essential. White shirts are in rage of style like T-shirt, polo shirt, button down shirt and oxford shirt. Mostly white shirts consider for suit styling.

You can enhance decent look with adorable bottoms, shoes, layering and accessories matching. White shirts are versatile silhouette tailored with variety of cut, collar and placket designs. Opt to white shirt for plenty of style. Here we figure out few favorite for you guideline. You can wear white shirt with;

Black pant and tie:

Classic style is appropriate inspiration for every fashionable guy. Slip in Birkenstock sandals or loafers for casual while dress shoes are excellent pair for working out style. White dress shirt with black jeans or dress pant make preppy classic outfit and black tie pinch extra elegance.

Navy pant and tan shoes:

White shirt are suitable option when you are seeking for something casual but still little bit dress-up. Simple white cottons shirt, in right fit, make stand out style with jeans. There nothing more casual than denim jeans. Jeans in slim-fit style perfect for polished statement.

It looks cool on everyone what every texture, style or neck you selected. Color jeans like black and tan are also good for sensible style. Roll up shirt long sleeves and open one or two buttons for dashing personality charm. Navy pant with tan belt and dress shoes is elegant line-up for young man.

Color button and matching details:

Break general concepts of white shirts that they are just for formal event. White shirt are neutral clothing piece always give a compliment finish if dress up right way. Tan leather is always worked when you not interested in black.

Keep belt and shoes color same for style perfections. Sage green slim-fit pants with mandarin collar shirt are absolutely stunning match up for Sunday brunch and off-beat street styling.

Blazer and overcoat:

White preppy shirt works in every season. You feel awesome in white button down shirt and denim jeans that give ultimate style with extra layering. Blazer on white shirt seems incredible but it’s not enough for cold season styling. Pile-up beige overcoat and add lovely scarf for handsome finish. Overcoat should be comfortable and in perfect fit to gain attractive look without any overwhelming.

Dusty pants and sweatshirt:

Girls feel swoon at that kind of styling. Keep you look delight but more powerful by layering jacket on white shirt. Black look fabulous on dress shirt if you perk out tee then colored sweatshirt layer is better for rocking done-up.

Matching blazer and shoes:

Distressed ripped jeans with white shirt and cool blazer are handsome line-up for leaving powerful impression. Jeans with chain and stud embellishment is sizzling option for club and bar visiting. Shoes and blazer in similar hues are incredible. You can elevate look with mismatches accessories that’ll pop little bit sophistication.

White dress pant and sneaker:

Blazers and dress ants aren’t just for formal styling. You can team up blazer in miss match style, means blazer and pants both are in different style of color, in routine with well-dressed attitude. Slip into sneaker to break style consistency as dress shoes once again put style into formal.

Denim shorts and cool sunglasses:

Breezy and chic style enhance for causal walkouts in long denim shorts, white shirts. Sneakers pairing ensure sporty-chic glance white boat shoes and Birkenstock sandals develop retro-chic ensemble.


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