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Best Options to Wear T-Shirt with Shorts

Written by Aini


There are endless possibilities of wearing T-shirt along with shorts totally depend upon style, texture, and material. Short is elegant clothing piece for both guys and girls styling. It perfect attire for casual, street and beach styling. Trendy girls also select short with tunic top to get boho or hippie inspired looks.

T-shirt is amazing match with shorts.  Wearing Plain T-shirts with solid, floral and leather shorts or  matching floral,  graphical, plain and patterned T-shirt with  simple shirt  are diver possibility of styling  in spring and summer season.  Few modish girls wear shorts with wooly and knitted T-shirt for fall.  Here I unleash the appropriate ideas of wearing short with T-shirts.

Stripped T-shirt and denim shorts:


Demin shorts and  stripped printed T-shirt is delightful combination for elongating the body. Short accentuare thin and stright legs.  Red and white full sleeve and bay  neckline  detailed  T-shirt is fully tucked in the short. Flat ballets and pumps  are best kick if you  are already taller in height.   You have noneed of adding extra height.


Short are pleasant choice for spring, summer and fall styling with appropriate accessories. Here denim short is again wear with stripped T-shirt but here the gorgeous lady get ready for fall styling.  Navy blue knitted cardigan or cape shawl is layered over the T-shirt. White lace-up sneaker shoes provide balanced and comfortable walk to this modish girls.

Floral shorts and T-shirt:


T-shirt and short is amazing combo for summer styling that permit cool and comfortable styling in warmth and heated days.  Floral printed short is contrast with monochromic black and white stripy T-shirt. Cap sleeves and scoop neck loose fitted T-shirt is tucked in floral short while chain shoulder strap cross body crocodile skin yellow handbag is wear carry on one shoulder.  Statement layer necklace, bracelets, watch, ankle strap platform sandals and stunning Ray ban sunglasses are inviting complement in this street look.


Here we have another look in floral short pair with loose T-shirt.  Soft and delicate color is used in flower print matched with spring mood. It brings refreshing and cheerful vibe in women personality. You can look indifferent without add too much. Just wear light jewelry and loaf shoes for comfortable and smooth styling.

Over size T-shirt and cool shorts:


Two gorgeous ladies confidentially walk on street while they come out for shopping. Their styling is perfectly matched with their cheerful mood. Wooly light grey T-shirt is wear with denim and powder blue shorts. T-shirt is loose in fitting and larger in size. First lady tuck little portion of the shirt in short from side to show off the pocket while second lady tucked in from front in masculine style. Sneaker and trainer shoes are adorable footwear look fabulous with shorts.


Tan leather handbag, medium brim floppy hat and beaded bracelets are boho-chic charm in this hot girl personality. She get bold and confident look in demin short and oversized knitted T-shirt without compromising over style and femininity. Complete outfits give a grace and intellectual charm to this girl for fall styling.

Leather short and T-shirts:


Leather short provide eco-friendly and flexible styling to modish girls do not compromise on beauty and styling. Fashion trendy totally turn in new direction. Seductively become a staple part of modern fashion. Look here gorgeous lady elongate nude leg charm through short black leather short is nice contrast with white T-shirt. It’s classical and universal color combo permit monochromic grace.  Black leather cross body bag, fascia heeled pumps and sunglasses matched with this outfits.


Graphical and textural T-shirt is the hottest piece equally demanded by men and women. Trendy girls love to wear graphical T-shirts with short to achieve boyish look.  Black leather short is flawless matched with white T-shirt on which “I love physical education” in black. If you desire to seems modern and versatile then layers black jacket or blazer over the shirt.

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